Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Another effect of computer use

From playing games to reading homework: children of today’s times are raised in front of a computer screen. Most adults have to read or do work on a computer to make a living. However, many don’t consider that by doing this they are training their eyes to be more short-sighted. Experts state that vision damage is not a threat unless a person spends an excessive amount of time in front of a computer. However, there is a greater worry is for children with developing eyes. Now, more than ever, children are in front of a computer daily. The affect of computer and technology use on vision has been a fear of the older generation, but children are the only ones really at risk. My mom needed reading glasses after she held a job that required her to read from a computer screen, and blamed her forced computer use for her glasses. However, recent studies show that any large amount of up-close reading has the same affect, even if from a book. In addition, after the age of 45 vision tends to become more shortsighted regardless of reading habits. Therefore, instead of blaming technology for vision problems, we should start reconsidering how much time we spend focusing on up-close objects.

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