Sunday, March 13, 2011

For Love or Cell Phones

I believe that cell phones destroy relationships.

A couple I know built their relationship on the love of cooking and bus driving. They spent most of their time involved in various activities that did not involve electronics and were almost always together. This togetherness helped their relationship grow and they were one of the closest and most functional couples I've ever known; however, this changed once they made the decision to both get an iPhone. The first argument erupted even before the new phones were purchased. More arguments followed until their new phones arrived; however, things did not get better. They stopped arguing but, the also stopped talking. Instead of sharing and preparing a meal together, they were transfixed on their iPhones. They used their phones for the simplest tasks and preferred the company of an electronic device to each other. I don't know if this will ultimately be the ruin of their relationship but, I do know that it isn't helping them grow closer.

I do admit that cell phones are useful tools in long distance relationships; however, I do think that the overuse of this technology may very easily lead to the downfall of relationships. My boyfriend and I have gone through this same struggle. We decided to downgrade our phones so that they might only serve their basic purpose. I believe that this has helped our relationship and may do so for many others as well.

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