Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Confession

College isn’t easy. I know I’m stating the obvious; classes, midterms, and papers have consumed every one of our lives at one point or another. Coming into finals week we reflect upon the days we missed class or the hours we could have been studying. If we weren’t studying, what were we doing? Sports and clubs do take time chunks out of our day but personally that’s not where the majority of my free time is spent. I think our problem lies in Facebook.

Facebook has become an additional limb for many of my peers. Taking a walk through the library, I would estimate one out of every three computers has Facebook open. Facebook isn’t the sole problem in our procrastination; there is YouTube, Like a Little, and StumbleUpon but Facebook links them all together. The social network has become a one stop shop as a source of news and activities. A few nights ago, my roommates and I sat on the couch, five laptops open to Facebook and a show playing on the TV. We are completely over stimulated and I don’t think I could struggle through another round of finals living like this. So, I have turned my Facebook off this week. It wasn’t enough to make a personal commitment; I had my best friend change the passoword to my account. There will be no procrastination for me this week, no status updates, pictures to comment on, or online chatting. It’s going to be a tough week but I think it would be more difficult with my Facebook newsfeed open.

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