Sunday, March 13, 2011

Smart Chat

Just one week ago I purchased my first iPhone, which also happened to be my first smartphone. Already I wonder how I ever functioned without being able to check my email on the go or keep up on Facebook. One feature that I absolutely love is the ability to Face Chat. With the click of a button you can suddenly go from hearing someone's voice to seeing them face to face via smartphone. This technological capability has already opened many doors to consumers.

Similar to Skype, applications such as Face Time and GroupMe allow smartphone users to participate in group chat rooms on their mobile phones. No longer do we have to be at computers to chat with each other face to face. Being able to pick up your phone and video chat any of your friends allows us to use technology that strengthens interpersonal communication instead of using technology that hinders it. The New York Times reported that GroupMe has raised $10.6 million in the few months it has been available. Now businesses will be able to communicate through conference calls on their phones, and families can talk to each other face to face while apart, all the while being free to consumers.

Advertising and investments are already raising revenue from these new applications. The popularity of Face Chatting is comparable to the texting craze years ago. Video chatting on our phones expands worldwide communication and will help strengthen our communication skills. This new smartphone feature will continue providing opportunities for consumers.

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