Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Facebook Stalking

Stalking used to be a term that was used seriously. Now, the terms is loosely used to describe everyday activity on the popular social networking site: facebook. The term “facebook stalking”, while not a legitimate legal term, is brought up in everyday conversation. It is typically used to refer to the harmless checking of a users profiles to see their interests, life updates, and even location. However, facebook stalking is not considered a crime. Cyberstalking is defined asUsing the Internet, through chat rooms and e-mail, to find, identify, and arrange to meet a person whom one intends to criminally victimize.” While users who “facebook stalk” are not attempting to victimize a user and “cyberstalk” them, using the term facebook stalking casually could cause concern from those not familiar with this term. Since most young adults use this term consistently, I think it is important for them to be aware of who they use it around.

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