Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Stick it to the Man

When deciding on a restaurant on a given Saturday night there are a few things I like to consider: cuisine, location, atmosphere, and quality. As a starving college student it is imperative I find a meal that is worth my time and money. Menus are confusing and biased and it is hard to say whether a lone critic has good taste or not; however, today I don’t even consider these sources. Before making decisions about local businesses I always turn to some user reviewed site such as Davis Wiki or Urban Spoon for assistance.

The blogs, tweets, and online review sites are helping consumers like me every day. The power of being constantly connected has given authority to the costumer to write about his or her personal experience. Users have the ability to log in to these sites and write critical reviews on any product or business and what is written will be heard; essentially, a more effective comment card.

The review forums have sparked a new form of blogging: the mother blogger. A New York Times article discussed the online community that has formed from mom bloggers across the country. Moms have the ability to speak out and help each other. They offer up suggestions from what products to use on stains to eco-friendly decorating tips.

Online communities have brought all types of consumers together. A few online reviews can make or break a business. Thanks to these sites, we can express our opinions and anyone can hear it. So thank you Davis Wiki, and all of its supporters; my dining decisions just got a lot simpler.

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