Tuesday, March 15, 2011

iPad Etiquette

My sister recently got an iPad. In my opinion, for a girl who already has a blackberry, an itouch, and an ipod, this is quite possibly the biggest waste of money. My sister basically transferred the applications she already had on her iTouch to her iPad: meaning that an extra $300 got her a larger screen. But while I relentlessly tease her (and all other iPad users), I soon discovered that the jokes on me. My sister is not only the center of attention wherever she goes (for some reason everyone feels the need to touch an iPad), but my family has decided that spending time engrossed in an iPad is socially acceptable. While I have been ordered to put my phone away, my sister’s iPad use is never frowned upon, because it is “for school”. Apparently my parents are not the only people who think this. An iPad is assumed to be used for “professional reasons”, while using a cell phone or iTouch mid-meeting would surely get some dirty looks. In any case, if you are a consistent iPad user, I suggest you familiarize yourself with the proper iPad etiquette.

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